David Bayer

David Bayer

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artist - Freelancing Associate

Hello, my name is David Bayer, a graphic designer, illustrator and artist specialising in logo designs and artwork.

Working based in Japan for 13 years, running my own business, creating curriculum and content for language schools, I developed a style based on the Japanese concept of Shokunin 職人 (artisan).

Every artwork - picture, poster, design and logo - is approached with mindfulness. For the client, the ethos translates to a business culture of care and good humour.

Designs I create are an investment crafted to continually communicate your message 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

I love that my craft commits me to learn about new industries and people. Their goals and future ambitions inform work intended to present information to the world in unique and innovative ways.

My key creative advantage is an ability to listen, understand and empathise with the challenge.

Establishing a comfortable and positive environment in which to communicate is a strength I bring to every collaboration. Ensuring my openness to new ideas and changes during the process is essential to delivering the best possible outcomes.

This is what we will do, happily create your designs together.