Simone Cashmore

Simone Cashmore

Graphic Designer, Layout Specialist - Freelancing Associate

Hi - I’m Simone Cashmore, an Auckland-based Graphic Designer with a passion for beautiful brands!

I started design-life in the Fashion industry where I fell in love with typography and found myself more consumed by the magazine layouts than the clothes on the page. This led me to Graphic Design, where I discovered a powerful medium for storytelling. From the strategy and planning, through to the creative development, it’s all part of the forming of a great piece of design and therefore a great story. I love the challenge of conveying a brand’s message simply, cohesively and beautifully.

My experience is in brand positioning & identity, print & digital marketing collateral, social media management & content creation, and I'm starting to take on more website design which has been awesome.

I love collaborating with other creative people and I believe that the best outcomes are the ones where everyone plays to their strengths and has a good time.